Battery Chargers, Tenders and Jump Boxes

We offer a full line of CTEK & Noco genius battery chargers that maximize battery performance, extend service life, and keep 12V lead acid batteries charged and ready for anything! We also carry tenders  that use Smart Charge Technology that is used to refurbish even deeply discharged batteries.

CTEK Charger

Noco Genius Charger

JNC Jump Boxes

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We also deliver and install batteries within 10 miles. Small fees are applicable depending on distance.
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We Buy Old Batteries

Sell Spent Batteries and Eliminate Your Battery Recycling Burden

New Battery Warranties

Batteries Inc in Orlando, FL offers top of the line new batteries at warehouse pricing.

These Include:

Automotive battery: 2 year free replacement, additional year available for $25
Commercial battery: 12 month warranty
Industrial: Up to a 5 year warranty
Marine: 1 year warranty
Sports/power: 1 year warranty

Reconditioned Battery Warranty

Reconditioned Battery Benefits:

Prices start at $50.00
6 month warranty, not 30-90 days like other dealers