Providing Automotive, Boat and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Batteries in Orlando

Serving Central Florida since 2004

  • We have brand new car batteries starting for $69.99!!!!

  • Reconditioned Automotive Battery Prices start at $50.00 with 6 month warranty, not 30-90 days like other dealers

  • Reconditioned car batteries can be a viable option if you need a battery for a low price.

At Batteries, Inc. in Orlando, FL, owner Jeff Simmons has been in the wholesale and retail battery business since 2004.

Batteries Inc. is proud to be Central Florida’s largest DEKA authorized battery distributor.

Batteries Inc. specializes in servicing all of your battery needs!

Complete line of New Deka batteries. We Also Carry TROJAN Batteries, OPTIMA, ODYSSEY & MOTTOBATT Power Sport Batteries !!

orlando florida batteries inc

Our battery specialties include:

  • Automotive batteries

  • Fleet batteries

  • Motorcycle and Power Sport batteries

  • Marine batteries

  • RV and Motorhome batteries

  • Golf Cart batteries

  • Lawn Equipment and Tractor batteries

  • Customized batteries

  • Reconditioned batteries

  • We also carry a wide selection of battery accessories including wires, cables and chargers.

Need help with your battery?

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We Buy Old Batteries

Sell Spent Batteries and Eliminate Your Battery Recycling Burden

New Battery Warranties

Batteries Inc in Orlando, FL offers top of the line new batteries at warehouse pricing.

These Include:

Automotive battery: 1 year free replacement, additional year available for $25
Commercial battery: 12 month warranty
Industrial: Up to a 5 year warranty
Marine: 1 year warranty
Sports/power: 1 year warranty

Reconditioned Battery Warranty

Reconditioned Battery Benefits:

Prices start at $50.00
6 month warranty, not 30-90 days like other dealers

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