AGM/GEL Batteries

Batteries, Inc. offers a large variety of AGM, GEL & SLA batteries for automotive, marine and solar back up powerCall for information about proper reserve capacity and battery group size for your specific application.

Batteries Inc. specializes in servicing all of your battery needs!

Complete line of New Deka batteries. We Also Carry TROJAN Batteries, OPTIMA, ODYSSEY & MOTTOBATT Power Sport Batteries !!

Intimidator Battery

Optima Battery

Odessey Battery

AGM-Gel-Solar Battery

Facts about our line of solar batteries:
  • Completely sealed

  • Designed to optimize recombination process for longer battery life

  • Eliminates low water levels

  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

  • Low discharge rates for off season storage

  • Maintenance free

  • More starting and accessory power

  • No acid leads to cause terminal corrosion

  • No activation

  • No filling

  • No spill design allows multiple installation options

  • No vent tube

  • Withstands damaging effects of vibration

  • Worry free

AGM or Gel Batteries are manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure superior performance and long life. The AGM design allows easy installation without the worry of acid spills and damage of equipment.

SLA/AGM Batteries

Also known as the SLA/AGM battery, this type of battery is used in many applications. At Batteries Inc. in Orlando, FL has a range of AG including:

  • Backup systems

  • Backup systems

  • Fire alarms

  • Security alarms

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We Buy Old Batteries

Sell Spent Batteries and Eliminate Your Battery Recycling Burden

New Battery Warranties

Batteries Inc in Orlando, FL offers top of the line new batteries at warehouse pricing.

These Include:

Automotive battery: 2 year free replacement, additional year available for $25
Commercial battery: 12 month warranty
Industrial: Up to a 5 year warranty
Marine: 1 year warranty
Sports/power: 1 year warranty

Reconditioned Battery Warranty

Reconditioned Battery Benefits:

Prices start at $50.00
6 month warranty, not 30-90 days like other dealers